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Renewable energies at the center of our ecosystem

Renewable energies are the key to a profitable and sustainable energy future for economic development and for the entire planet. That is why at Enel, we believe that the journey toward the energy transition proceeds on two paths: production from renewable sources and the progressive reduction until the phase-out from coal and from thermal power generation.

Renewable energies are playing a leading role in the ongoing energy transition, mainly thanks to technological innovation and their reduced costs, and represent the sustainable key to achieving zero emissions by 2040.

Salvatore Bernabei,

Head of Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation

Renewable Renewable

Promoting a sustainable future

For us, innovation is the keyword when working on the development and implementation of renewable energy facilities, following the principles of the circular economy.  
In the three-year period 2024-2026, we are committed to investing 12.1 billion euros by focusing on onshore wind, solar and cutting-edge solutions such as storage batteries, to balance supply and demand of the electricity system, and repowering, to increase plant efficiency and reduce operating costs.  
Through a selective allocation of the capital and diversification of the technologies deployed, we aim to make the world greener, maximizing returns and minimizing risks. 

Goals we aim to achieve


Increase in the Group's total renewable capacity to 73 GW compared to 63 GW in 2023.


86% zero-emission generation compared to 73.2% in 2023.



Complete the coal phase-out.


Achieve the net-zero ambition. 

12.1 bn €

Total gross investments

37 %
in solar energy

32 %
in onshore wind energy

12 %
in storage battery

2.9 bn €

4.3 bn €

2.6 bn €
Latin America

2.3 bn €
North America

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