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Letter to shareholders and other stakeholders

Photos of the President Paolo Scaroni and CEO Flavio Cattaneo

Dear shareholders and stakeholders,

Last year was marked by an important change in the management of the Enel Group, with the election of the entire Board of Directors and the appointment of the new Chairman in the person of Paolo Scaroni. The Board of Directors in turn entrusted the position of Chief Executive Officer to Flavio Cattaneo.
The extraordinary events that have impacted the global geopolitical and macroeconomic environment have generated unprecedented volatility in the energy system and wrought structural changes in the energy market. In this context, our new management has delineated the new strategy underpinning the Group’s 2024- 2026 Business Plan, which envisages: (i) the rigorous allocation of resources to boost the return on capital employed, together with the balancing of risk and return in investment decisions and models; (ii) greater efficiency and effectiveness in processes and organizational structure, seeking to increase accountability and free up financial resources to drive the industrial development of the Group; and (iii) financial and environmental sustainability, confirming our commitments to the energy transition and the electrification of energy consumption, while ensuring a more balanced and sustainable financial structure.
In 2023, Enel confirmed its position as the largest private renewable power generator in the world, with 63 GW of managed capacity (including our growing and necessary battery energy storage capacity) and the largest private electricity distribution company at the global level, with over 70 million end users served by grids that will have to deliver increasing levels of resilience and digitalization to support the electrification of energy consumption. Furthermore, we have the largest customer base among private companies, with some 61 million electricity and gas customers.
The Group’s leadership in sustainability has once again been recognized worldwide, underscored by its constant presence in various major sustainability rankings and indices.

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