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Subsidiaries, associates and other significant equity investments of the Enel Group at December 31, 2023

In compliance with Articles 38 and 39 of Legislative Decree 127/1991 and CONSOB Notice no. DEM/6064293 of July 28, 2006, a list of subsidiaries and associates of Enel SpA at December 31, 2023, pursuant to Article 2359 of the Italian Civil Code, and of other significant equity investments is provided below. Enel has full title to all investments.

The following information is included for each company: name, registered office, share capital, currency in which share capital is denominated, business segment, method of consolidation, Group companies that have a stake in the company and their respective ownership share, and the Group’s ownership share.
The following provides a key to the icons representing the business segments.

Graphic illustration associated with the business sector
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