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Value generated and distributed for stakeholders

Value generated and distributed for stakeholders

(1) The figure for 2022 has been adjusted on the basis of more accurate information. The amount mainly includes “total tax borne”, which is the total amount paid by the Enel Group (including the Greek and Romanian companies in both years) for taxes recognized in profit or loss. For more information on total tax borne, please see the 2023 Sustainability Report and the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement

Value generated and distributed for stakeholders

The economic value generated and distributed directly by Enel provides a good indication of how the Group has created wealth for all stakeholders.
The decrease in value generated directly mainly reflects the reduction in revenue from the sale of energy commodities, in particular gas and electricity, due both to the smaller quantities transacted on the wholesale and retail markets and to the reduction in average prices.
The decline in operating expenses is mainly due to the reduction in costs for electricity and gas purchases due to the decrease in volumes and average prices, as well as the decrease in costs for transport and CO2 allowances.
Payments to providers of capital mainly increased in reflection of interest expense, primarily connected with the rise in interest rates. In addition, dividend payments increased compared with the previous year.

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