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(1) In order to facilitate analysis of developments in Group net financial debt, thereby ensuring greater comparability over time, management has decided to exclude the fair value of the cash flow hedge and fair value hedge derivatives used to hedge the exchange rate risk on loans. Accordingly, in order to improve the comparability of the figures, it was necessary to recalculate net financial debt at December 31, 2022.

(2) In order to improve presentation, for comparative purposes only, realized financial income and expense connected solely with borrowings have been reclassified from “Collections/(Payments) associated with derivatives connected with borrowings” in the section on cash flows from financing activities to the items “Interest income and other financial income collected” and “Interest expense and other financial expense paid” included in cash flows from operating activities.
(3) Does not include €849 million regarding units classified as held for sale or discontinued operations (€156 million in 2022).
(4) Injuries whose consequences caused permanent changes in the life of the individual.


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