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STRATEGY 2024-2026

The strategy that drives and enhances our actions

An approach oriented to change

Today, the global scenario is characterized by uncertainty but a change in trend is expected in the medium-long term due to several factors: from the increase in energy demand, to the ever-central role of smart grids, to the growing relevance of storage systems. In this changing context, at the Enel Group, we decided to strengthen our integrated, sustainable, and value-driven business model to spread a just and transparent energy transition

Our response to the current energy context

Within this ever-evolving scenario, we have redefined the key business drivers of our strategy:

  • regulated businesses with a focus on Core Countries to reduce risks and maximize returns;
  • more highly selective investments in clean energy toward the net zero target;
  • more effective management of the customer portfolio to maximize its value.

Based on these premises, we have defined the strategic pillars of the new 2024-2026 business plan, which will involve three main fields of interest: grids, renewables, and customers.

We will continue to work consistently with the Group's strategic priorities to fully achieve our financial and environmental operational objectives in order to maximize long-term value creation for all our stakeholders.

Stefano De Angelis,

Enel Director of Administration, Finance and Control

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PROFITABILITY Improving profitability, flexibility, and resilience

We realize and spread our vision with a new strategic plan that envisions in the three-year period 2024-2026 about 35.8 billion euros of total gross investments, with a focus on Core Countries characterized by:

  • visible returns;
  • profitable regulatory framework;
  • stable macroeconomic and political environments.

Our goal is to reduce risks and maximize the Group's returns.

35.8 bn €

Total gross investments

18.6 bn €


12.1 bn €


3 bn €




North America

Latin America

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EFFICIENCY Achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness

We orient our commitment toward 3 directions:

  • financial equilibrium;  
  • focus on the Core geographic areas; 
  • cost discipline. 

The goal is to increase cash generation and compensate both inflationary dynamics and the higher cost of capital. 

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SUSTAINABILITY Promoting financial and environmental sustainability

We embrace a broader concept of sustainability, where financial strength enables our commitment to the environment through:

  • the fight against climate change; 
  • electrification of consumption; 
  • guidance through a just and transparent energy transition. 

Our green investment strategy includes the closure of all remaining coal plants by 2027 and the achievement of the net zero emissions target by 2040.

Capital Markets Day: the event to share the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan 

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