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Our commitment reaches everyone

We engage people to create shared value

Our strategy is based on a customer-centric approach: families, businesses and public administrations, which we reach through an integrated, personalized and innovative offer. In the current energy context, our customers are not only consumers but are increasingly taking on the active role of producers, becoming prosumers.

Our goal is to provide all our current and future customers with simple, affordable and efficient solutions for their energy needs, through an excellent experience.

Francesca Gostinelli,

Head of Enel X Global Retail

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Customer centricity in our vision

With an innovation-oriented approach, we develop tailored solutions for our customers by providing a wide range of integrated products and services in multi-play bundled offers, with an investment of about 3 billion euros over the three-year period 2024-2026.  
Our customer-oriented strategy is based on advanced customer segmentation, aimed at fully understanding their needs and providing customized solutions. By focusing on the Italian, Spanish and Latin American markets and embracing this strategy, we expect to significantly improve the profitability of our rationalized customer portfolio.

3 bn €

Total gross investments


33 %

10 %
Latin America

3 %
Non-core Countries

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